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Get the Cat Card

Get the Cat Card


The Cat® Card is the smart way to get what you need to get the job done. Buy parts and pay for service. Purchase engines, work tools and attachments. Pay for a repair or rebuild. Rent equipment. Need extended protection or a Customer Value Agreement?
You can put those on your Cat® Card too.

It’s fast, convenient and flexible. Account holders also get access to exclusive offers, earn Cat Card Rewards on qualifying purchases* and enjoy no annual fee. And the more you spend, the more Cat Card Rewards** you earn. It’s that simple

Cat® Card is accepted at all Cat dealerships in the U.S. and Canada, and you can also use it to shop on Parts.Cat.Com.

Ready to learn more? Get the details on how to earn, redeem and spend Cat Card Rewards at CatCard.com

Apply online in just 5-7 minutes.

Learn more about today’s Cat Card at Cat.com

Expires Dec. 31, 2024

Interested in this promotion?

Let us know and we'll get in touch within one business day!

Terms and Conditions

Eligible Accountholders enjoy 1% Cat Card Rewards* on all qualifying purchases. *See cat.com/catcardrewards for eligibility, terms and conditions.

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